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crime scene


  A DEA agent who was investigating a case regarding a mafia drug business was killed. Before he was attacked, the agent called to inform you of new leads he had found. 

  Do you and your team have what it takes to find his assailant and the hidden evidence before time runs out!

paranormal investigation


  Poor ol’ Mr. Johnson. Them ghosts he’s been huntin’ finally caught ‘im in his own home. We talked last week and he’d said somethin’ ’bout “appeasin’” ’em. Maybe if we found what he’s been lookin’ for, we can bring ‘im back!

We thoroughly enjoyed the challenge.
It was perfectly designed so that all ages could help solve the clues. We all worked together to figure it out.


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team building

  Utilize the opportunity to grown closer with your team by working together to complete intricate puzzles.

  Break the ice with your colleagues and build a better team dynamic with a common goal in just an hour’s time!

private parties

  A private place for parties of all kinds! Split your large group into 2 separate rooms to compete for the best time.

  Close out the room for a time that is best for you and your friends to have a fun night out!

corporate events

Get away from the meetings and presentations that are included in work for some mind-bending fun!

Give your eyes a rest from the computer screen and have some interactive fun with your colleagues!

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"My Husband and I visited on a trip for my birthday and had a fabulous and fun time. We will revisit with the family!"
Adrienne W.

"Fun, exciting, and really had to use the ole brain to get out!"

Laura S.
"First time we have ever been to get a clue. We had a very fun time. The owners were so kind and such a big help."
Nicki R.